Making claims

You can use your direct-pay card when picking-up prescriptions to have eligible expenses billed directly through your plan, and most dentists offer direct billing. For all other expenses, you will need to submit claims for reimbursement through the plan.

Easy-to-use app

The GroupNet for Plan Members app lets you check coverage balances and submit your claims with proof of receipts right from your phone or tablet. No document scanning required, just snap a picture of your receipt and upload it when required. It’s that easy. Watch the video.

Online claims

You can also sign into GroupNet for Plan Members to submit your claims online and have the reimbursements deposited directly to your bank account.

Submit paper claims to:

Canada Life
London Benefit Payments
PO Box 5064, Station B
London, ON N6A 0C4

You should try to submit your claims regularly through the year and all claims need to be submitted no later than 3 months after the end of the benefit year in which you incurred the expenses.

For everything you need to know about your benefits:

Additional resources to help you with your claims:

To check expense eligibility or the status of a claim, contact Canada Life

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