Principals/Vice-Principals (P/VP)

ONE-T Committees

ONE-T has three established Committees as defined below. Each Committee meets regularly throughout the year and works with various external experts, as needed, including auditors, legal counsel, benefits consultants, insurer(s), actuaries, and third-party administrators to deliver on their key areas of responsibility. Where necessary, the Committees provide their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for all final approvals.

Governance Committee

Responsible for key governance activities, such as defining ONE-T’s operational structure, establishing best practices, implementing governance and operational policies (e.g., code of conduct, conflict of interest, Privacy policy), onboarding Trustees, recruiting, and more.

Audit, Finance and Investment Committee

Responsible for maintaining funding policies, evaluating the Plan’s performance each year, working with actuaries to analyze and project the Plan’s financial position, working with auditors to prepare annual filings, preparing and managing ONE-T’s budget, and more.

Benefits and Communication Committee

Works closely with benefit consultants and actuaries to monitor the plan design, monitors plan management, vendor performance, stakeholder engagement and experience (e.g., surveys, member updates, bulletins, website), and more.

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