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Emergency travel medical coverage

Your plan provides emergency travel benefits for you and your covered dependents in case of a medical emergency while travelling outside of Ontario or outside of Canada. Coverage includes Global Medical Assistance and Out-of-Country Emergency Care to cover a variety of emergency expenses, including:

  • Emergency hospital and medical care;
  • 24-hour phone access;
  • Coordination and support to find the services and care you need;
  • Transportation home or to another medical facility, if required;
  • And more.

For a full list of the benefits provided, along with eligibility requirements and plan coverage limits, please see your Plan Booklet.

Keep in mind that this benefit does not include coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, or loss or damage of baggage. You can get these types of coverage from other sources (e.g., travel agencies or certain credit cards).

If you need medical assistance while you’re away, just call the phone number listed on the back of your benefits card (which varies depending on the country you’re travelling in). They’ll review your coverage and coordinate services for you.

Please note, you may need to pay upfront and then submit your claims to Canada Life for reimbursement when you get home.

Need to make a claim?

Be sure to review Making Claims and be aware of the claims Appeals Process.

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