Principals/Vice-Principals (P/VP)

Who does what in your Benefits Plan?

WhoWhatKey responsibilities
ONE-T Board of TrusteesGovernance
  • Oversees Trust operations (e.g., selects and oversees ONE-T’s service providers, monitors investment returns, manages plan design)
ONE-T Executive DirectorDay-to-day support for Trust operations
  • Coordinates day-to-day ONE-T activities

  • Responds to member inquiries on ONE-T-related questions

CowanPlan administration
  • Maintains member information to support plan administration

  • Calculates monthly premiums and sales tax for covered members

  • Collects funding amounts from employers

  • Tracks and reports taxable premiums; issues T4A slips

  • Responds to member questions on eligibility and enrollment

Canada LifeInsurer for Life, Health and Dental
  • Reviews and pays Life, Health and Dental claims

  • Responds to members’ general benefit questions and claim-related inquiries
ChubbInsurer for Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Reviews and pays AD&D claims
Ontario GovernmentPlan funding
  • Provides the annual funding that has been negotiated for your benefits coverage to the school boards
School BoardEmployer
  • Provides employee info to support benefits administration

  • Collects and remits annual funding provided by the government and member contributions where they apply
Plan MemberEmployee
  • Selects coverage levels (e.g., single/family, optional benefits, etc.)

  • Appoints beneficiary(ies)

  • Provides required information on covered dependents

  • Provides banking information for benefits administration

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